I'm married---and honestly---happily married. Even more, I'm madly in love with the guy. I'm not just saying it. 

♥ I am a mom to 3 amazing daughters. 

♥I love being their mom.  

♥ My daughters are my naughtiest of clients when it comes to taking pictures. I promise. 

♥Besides their beautiful eyes, my daughters have nothing in common with each other. 

♥ My brain doesn't function in the morning like it does at night. I wish my brain would love mornings. There's nothing convenient about the night. 

♥ I hate hearing parents yell/raise their voice at their child just the same as I hate them allowing them to be naughty. There is a happy medium to disciplining our children.

♥ I do believe that children should see mom and dad hug and kiss, snuggle to a movie, and compliment each other. It teaches them a huge piece of what love is.  

♥I wish I could change my voicemail to "Please hang up and text me". 

♥ My favorite sound in the entire world is a belly laugh. 

♥ I hate making supper. I'd be fine with Corn Flakes. 

♥ My least favorite sessions are the ones who make me follow other photographers ideas from Pinterest. 

♥ I am a daughter. 

♥ I am my mom's person. My mom is my person. We are the only two people who we know will tell the truth. 

♥ My favorite sessions are the ones of mom and dad who act the same around their kids with me like they do at home---silly, aren't paranoid about every piece of hair out of place, and really use this time to celebrate what's "now". 

♥ I get attached to my clients. You're not a number or an appointment. Ever. I truly look forward to seeing you again. 

♥ My favorite smell is baby lotion and PineSol. 

♥ I'm a twin. 

♥ Don't ask me if I can't be honest. 

♥ Photography was not my dream. I didn't know it was my dream until I was 33 years old. It's not something you can dream of doing. It's something you just feel. You just know. It's an art. It's a passion.... You must have both. I can't wait to share it with you.