Your Lifetime Investment  

2014 Session Pricing Guide 

   It's super frustrating when you go on photography websites and they always make you create an account in order to  just email for a price OR they don't even have a website! Well, that's usually because its super high and they want to convince you to take the next step in booking you. Of course I want to book you, but I don't EVER want to bribe or obligate anyone. I want you to have a photo session with me because you WANT to. Best part is there's no hidden fees, no pressure to purchase portraits... no pressure to even purchase anything, and no minimum requirement! It's only me you have to deal with and I do my best to meet your needs. Nose around the website and find any guide to help get insight to the photo sessions! Thanks again for checking in!

This guide includes brief summaries of all Violet Lace Photography portrait sessions and the investment.

(Excludes engagement and weddings)