Lindsey, Violet Lace Photography | 2019 Senior Booking

Class of 2019

A huge thank you and CONGRATULATIONS on your senior year! 

Some notes before you book your session: 

  • You MUST schedule your senior session by MONDAY by 8pm (April 23th). If you cannot by then, please email me to let me know. If any seniors are not scheduled, I will assume you've changed your mind and that spot will go to the next person on the wait list. 
  • A Senior Session Guide will be in your confirmation email with TONS of information regarding your session. Make sure you open that email and SAVE it so you can view it as much as you'd like in the future. The Session Guide will give lots of information as well as tons of pictures and locations. If you change your mind on locations (other than Niagara and Madison), NO problem. 
  • 95% of our communication is email (and some text.) As you likely know, I'm a one person team. You will be viewing your proofs online, ordering on your own terms, and receiving emails. It is very important for ease of communication that you check your emails regularly and that you or someone in your home has basic knowledge of online ordering (with directions). If in person proofing and ordering is the only option you can do, please let me know this before you book your session since I will need to book another session time to view and choose your images and another session to order your final choices. If reading emails thoroughly or writing emails is not going to be convenient for you, VLP may not be a good suit for your senior portrait experience. 
  • Should a parent come along? Yes....ONLY.... if 1) your child wants you to be there  2) that your child will be comfortable posing in front of you. Mom's are usually very helpful with the outfits, knowing natural smiles, and for moral support to have some fun with! Dads though---its usually pretty boring for them! 
  • On-Location Session All session locations will vary based on your hobby/sports with where you go to school. If you want your action sport in your gym or on your field, then we will do your session in or very near your hometown. Note: If we have to do break up your session into 2 dates (ex: because gym is not open on your session date), there is a $95 additional fee to schedule the sports portion. 
    •   All posing sessions start at 5:30pm (100% of my sessions are done based on the best lighting before the best locations. No squinting, no harsh shadows, no sun beating in your face, etc...! Yes, right?!!) Some times will vary reflecting sports hobbies. 
    •    I do NOT time your session. We will photograph as long as we have light or when you've had enough! 
    •    90% of sports/hobbies are last unless we are in a gym. These will include: Track, football, baseball, softball, large animals, golf, hunting, dance. For girls, the best part is that you can change your hair style for that. 
    •    ALL locations include old historic sides of towns like rustic buildings including brick and wood; overhang buildings, old windows, large doors, water backdrops, a bridge, fields, and trails. Unless you've chosen Madison or Niagara location, YOU DO NOT have to know where you want to do your session. I can decide for you...or help you decide. 
  • For more information regarding sessions up north, click on this link: Niagara

In final, if you have changed your mind for any reason at all for VLP to do your senior portraits, please know I have no hard feelings for your change of heart. All I ask is that you just let me know that you've changed your mind...or I can assume that if you haven't scheduled by the Monday April 23rd.  

Please feel free to text or email me any questions I have not clarified or something I've missed. 

THANK YOU..... I can't wait!! 


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