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Senior Session Up North!! 


            Haley's seniorHaley's senior (Taken in Iron Mountain, MI)

UP NORTH-  NIAGARA, WI/ IRON MOUNTAIN, MI (They are just a few miles from one another).   
I am fortunate to be able to have this oasis for my family to get away to, much less offer it to my clients.  My parents have a beautiful home and 100s of acres for me to photograph. The land is filled with bluffs, apple orchards, wide open plots, and forests.
We will start the session out in Iron Mountain, MI (2.25 hour strait shot from Chilton) which is FILLED with beautiful historical brick buildings, and waterfalls. We will then head to Niagara (few miles from Iron Mountain) and get some images of the beautiful mountain bluffs standing over the water. We will finish just in time to hit the apple orchards for the sunset. This is for the senior who loves the artsy type of images. The images below are some samples of up north. 
NOTES about Niagara Location.....
1. There's only specific dates available for Niagara/Iron Mountain.... July 1 - July 12th. 
2. First come, first serve. If there's no dates available during this time, it's booked. 
3. To book this, you must leave TWO dates open on YOUR schedule, using the 2nd date as a rain date. (Why? Because you won't be able to book this at a later date if the weather is poor.)  So, you'll book a day and plan for the following day as a rain date.  
4. Who should book this location?
  •     Anyone who doesn't have a sport
  •     Anyone who doesn't want 'action' shots of their sport. They want still images.   
  •      You can book if your hobbies are any of the following: hunting, dancing, instrument, paddle boarding, OR if you're sports session is going to be scheduled on a different date (there is an additional fee of $95 for an additional session). 

5. No Travel Fee


To view some images taken by VLP in Niagara, Click on the link: