Lindsey, Violet Lace Photography | About


Thank you SO much for checking things out and having an interest here! I’m kinda clueless to what people would want to know about me, so I apologize in advance for my babbling!

First, I'm Lindsey. Violet and Lacy were my maternal great-grandmothers. I relished in their historical-type names and wanted them as names for my daughters, but my husband unfortunately did not. Therefore, I made it my other baby! 


Quick Facts:

+ I am married to Shane, who comes before everything. [Happy marriage, Happy family.]

+ We have 3 daughters….who our world.

+ I was a rural carrier while working on my degree (after my daughters were born).

+ I obtained my Bachelor’s in Health and Human Services, but continued to work for the USPS.

Photography Backstory

My style of photography is not something anyone or even myself could dream of….it’s something you have or you don’t. I always was the friend with the camera and definitely took tons of pictures of my children, BUT.... I was ALWAYS breaking those little cameras because I would just stash them in my purse. Once digital came out, it was my 3rd little camera that I broke that I finally decided to get myself a ‘nice’ camera that could not fit in my purse. That really was the only reason. I had NO clue what was to come….

What I didn’t realize at the time was that all I needed was a faster shutter speed (in simple terms: no blur with busy children!). I still have my first picture. I started posting my kids pictures on Facebook and friends asked me to take their pictures. Within two years, I had 10 weddings and many sessions in….and my brain could no longer keep up. I had THE scariest decision to make...USPS or photography!  

     My regret---not quitting sooner. For real. 

Quick Facts Cont.…

+ I quit the USPS in 2014 (with every ounce of fear in my body!) to see where this photo stuff would take me!

+ As of 2018, I have 112 weddings and….well over 1000 other session experience. 

+ My daughters are my naughtiest of clients when it comes to taking pictures. I am not kidding.

+As of 2017, I have limited my amount of sessions I do per week, month, and year. I have a life, but most importantly, I have children who need me and I need them. 

+ I am attached to my clients. You are not a number or an appointment. Ever. I truly look forward to seeing you again. 

+ I am a one-person team. My husband or children have nothing to do with VLP. No editing team, creative directors, graphic artists, no secretary to respond to emails or schedule sessions. Just me.

+ My favorite sound in the entire world is a belly laugh. 

+ I still think people are just being nice when they tell me kind words about my photography. I am my worst critic.

+ I hate making supper. I would be fine with cereal. 

+ I fail often at ‘being professional’. When we talk, I am your friend, not a boss. I put words in the mouths of babes and I hysterically laugh at times while mom is struggling to hold her composure from her child being a stinker.

+ I am horrible at names. Horrible….and it annoys me!

In Final...

This ‘job’ is not a ‘to-do’. A photographer with photojournalist style MUST have emotion in order to be creative. It is a reason we are attached to you. It is a reason we appreciate you and want to continue to follow your life milestones. You only get one person to write your life journal….and that is you of course. You should only need one person to photo document your journey….allow me to try!

Thank you!