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Princess Couture Sessions are FINALLY here!! 




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Welcome! If you’re interested in a Child Session with Violet Lace Photography,

you’ve come to the right place! All prices, session information are all here!

You can also book your session here, too! 



VLP_2961VLP_2961      VLP_6458VLP_6458 Children's Photography  (76)Children's Photography (76) VLP_6458VLP_6458    VLP_6957VLP_6957     Mara's ButterflyMara's Butterfly




This session focuses on your child’s milestone.

(4m, 8m, 1 year, 2 year, etc…)





  • One child
  • Ages 3 months to 10 years old
  • Includes 2-3 outfits
  • Includes various poses with backdrops, chairs, props, to match. 
  • Takes approx. 30-45 (sessions are allowed one hour) 




This is for sessions to adore all the siblings throughout the session. It is perfect if you’re looking for lots of candid portraits of all your children and not focus on one child more than an another.Recommended when the youngest child is at least sitting up on his or her own---better yet---running!                       

               $125  Mouse-no_shadowMouse-no_shadow


  •         Price is for up to 3 siblings (additional child is $25)
  •        One outfit (additional outfit $25)
  •        Unlimited images (how many images they are willing to let me take)
  •        Includes various poses with children together and individual
  •        Photography session takes about 45 minutes




Children's Photography  (6)Children's Photography (6) Children's Photography  (27)Children's Photography (27)

     Children's Photography  (29)Children's Photography (29)



Children's Photography  (40)Children's Photography (40)






                ALL SESSIONS INCLUDE           Mouse_on_mushroomMouse_on_mushroom

+ Time, talent, and experience with Lindsey 

+ Your final image choices with fine art editing

+ A detailed 40+ Child Session Guide that tells you everything you need to know to prepare you for the session 

      (will be sent to you once you book your session)

+ A countless amount of seating and props to use towards your session carefully chosen based on location and outfit styles and colors

+ Lindsey uses top of the line equipment including multiple lens on 2-3 cameras so your kiddos don’t have to wait for lens changing!

+ No limit of images. I take as many as your child or family is up for in the time frame

+ Once your session is complete, the fine art editing process begins on your images with viewing available in 3-14 days.

+ Personal viewing gallery with a password protected link for your convenience to view, order, and share with others.

+ Affordable portraits with no minimum purchase required or packages to choose from. You purchase what you need.

+ Digital Print Release option on both sessions for a one time fee of $50




BABY PLAN | Watch-Me-Grow


{4, 8, 12 month ‘plan’}


         FOUR MONTHS       VLP_0750VLP_0750        VLP_3078VLP_3078


If you’ve honored me with photographing your infant at 4, 8, and 12 month session, 

you will receive a $50 print credit! You can use this to purchase anything you'd like through your baby's galleries. 

You do NOT need to purchase all the sessions to benefit the print credit. You will automatically get it when you receive

your baby's one year images. 





VLP_3227VLP_3227     Joshua's 1 year collageJoshua's 1 year collage

Cake Smash?! 

(12 month session)

     For an additional $25, I encourage this super fun

addition to your baby’s one year session! You provide

the outfit and cake and I create a custom banner/backdrop to match

just for your baby! The most fun part of any session! 




+ VLP has a home children’s studio located in Chilton for newborns to age 10. There’s countless props always being updated, over 70 backdrops, and top of the line lighting equipment. 


+ For outdoor sessions, locations are in the city of Chilton. I’d love to photograph at your location, but you must email me right after you book to make sure I leave enough time for traveling from other sessions.  
+ When you book your session, you will be asked various questions including what type of locations you prefer. This response will help guide me in where to photograph your session.

Children's Photography  (51)Children's Photography (51)
When do you sessions indoors?

+ All babies who are not walking on there own we will do indoors at the time that is available for you (doesn't matter morning or evening)

+ ALL sessions scheduled BEFORE 5pm will be indoors 365 days a year.

+ When it starts to get cold...from late fall to spring (During the winter/cold seasons)


What if I want it outside, but the weather is bad that day? If there’s availability, we just reschedule and your deposit would transfer to the new date. If there is no availability, then we'd to do it indoors on the original date. If that is the case, the deposit is non refundable. 







+You do NOT have to know if you want the print release when you book your session. You can purchase at the session as well OR you can order that through the website when your images are ready to view. 



+A non refundable deposit will be required to book your session. If the weather is a cause for cancellation, then you will receive a credit towards your next booking. If you arrive  and child is just not having it and we need to reschedule--I will not charge a full session, but you will lose the deposit.  NOTE: If you pay the full session and cancel session, you will be refunded everything, but your deposit if the session cannot be filled by another client. 



Single_leafSingle_leaf  BOOK HERE  Two_leavesTwo_leaves


   Warmer Season:  ALL child sessions are indoors BEFORE 5pm. After 5, sessions are outdoors for best lighting. 

Colder Seasons: Indoors only (but I'd love to accomadate a snow day for part of a session if the temps are safe for child!)


                      For One Infant/Child, Book Here↓                         For Multiple Children, Book Here ↓    

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