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AGAIN!! THANK YOU for your interest in VLP photographing your senior portraits! All those who register here (at the bottom) will receive an email at 7 PM on April 26th. That email will allow you to schedule your actual senior session date. EVERYONE who registers below will receive the official email to schedule your actual senior session date.  Go ahead and read the Q&A’s below and it will explain all those questions you will have.

  1. When do you start photographing senior sessions? First, I do not photograph seniors when they are still juniors. (I never understood that part. lol) Sessions are Monday-Friday beginning at 5:30pm starting in June, going through July. Niagara sessions are at the very end of June into the beginning of July. 
  2. What locations do you photograph at? Kiel, Sheboygan Falls, Manitowoc, De Pere, Fond Du Lac, Chilton, Appleton, and Menasha are the main town locations I go to. We go to one of these per senior. The location backdrops usually consist of all sorts of options including brick, rustic wood, water scene, stairs, grassy, fields, large doors, big pillar, old buildings, alleys, bridges, a cool road, and sunset.
  3. Can you photograph at my location/personal property? Absolutely!! When you schedule the actual session, this will be one of the questions I ask regarding your 
  4. Do you go choose locations or does the senior/parent? I always want to hear seniors' opinions. I never take seniors from the same school to the same locations. I decide based on what the outfit styles and colors the senior have chosen and how many times I’ve been to that town. 
  5. What if I want to do my session with another senior? These are THE BEST sessions! There are sooo many benefits to doing session with another! You can learn from each other, help each other out, no poses are the same, and I do not go back to that location. 
  6. How do you communicate with parents/seniors? Email and text are 95% of our communication. If this is a concern AT ALL, VLP will likely not a good fit for your senior experience. This also means it is imperative that you will read all the information accurately and carefully. This is not information that should be skimmed as it is all for your benefit, created just for you to have the best experience. 
  7. Are these your current prices for 2021? Yes.
  8. What if I (parent especially) don’t get email or I don’t check my email? With polite intentions here, this will not be a good fit for you. It is imperative emails are checked regularly and responded to. 
  9. Am I scheduling my session right now? No. You are just registering to get the official email on April 26 at 7pm to schedule your senior session. By this date, you should know what you're doing for a summer job and still have plenty of time to schedule off. 
  10. Why can’t I just schedule my senior session now? I photograph 25 seniors between the months of June and July, Mon-Fri with sessions starting at 5:30pm. That is my focus during those months. In the past, I would schedule seniors as they inquired and be booked by the end of January. Great, right? Not really. I’d have a regular client, a parent with another senior, or a family member/good friend come to me in late winter/early spring inquiring. Ugh. I couldn’t turn them away...and I would overbook myself. No more of that. If any of those clients haven't gotten to me by the end of April, I just can't help that. :( Now I just give everyone the same chance to book at the same time. First come, first serve. 
  11. Does this guarantee me a spot with you? If you sign up today and get your confirmation email, you will be guaranteed the official EMAIL with the link to book your senior session date. Again, this email will be sent on April 26 at 7 pm.  This is a first-come basis. I've never heard anyone have issues in getting in EXCEPT for those who didn't check their email for the reminder or the official email. "I forgot!" has been heard a few times. ;) 
  12. What if I change my mind in April and choose to not have you photograph my senior pictures. No hard feelings! I do not put this on social media or send out to anyone other than who registers. I also do NOT send junk mail after---so don’t be afraid to use the email you use regularly.

Thank you for our interest in VLP photographing this HUGE milestone!!  

If you still have further questions or concerns, please Email Me!


Click REGISTER HERE >Go to April 26, 2019 > 7pm >Continue...and follow through the process. You will receive a confirmation email. If you don't get an email, you are NOT registered.
Note: Put Seniors Name in the first part, but BOTH parent email AND senior email, separated with a comma. (Ex: [email protected], [email protected]). This is how you will both receive communication.