Did you know? The average newborn session process for professional photography services takes an average 15 hours from beginning to end, 10 hours for a family session, 8 hours for children, and 6 for a single child. This includes emails, schedules, reminders, prepping, planning, shopping, setting up, traveling, photographing the session, clean up, post production of uploading, backing up, editing-editing-editing, exporting, presenting, communicating. 


True Story


Why should custom images created and designed just for you cost the same as a haircut, a highlight, a dinner out with your significant other, a tank of gas? Those things last a night, a few days, and at most; a few months.


Your images are similar to fine jewelry or family heirlooms. Think about it. They are. They have sentimental value and will have a place forever. Isn’t it wonderful to know that your portraits will not only last your  lifetime, but your child’s lifetime and generations to follow?


Its my hope that my clients continue to allow me to photograph their children and families for years to come. I truly put this passion at the fore front of my heart. 


 Just in the last year, I have upgraded all my equipment with top of the line Nikon lens and full frame cameras, have 100s of props, seats, and containers, over 70+ backdrops in my children’s studio along with top of the line lighting equipment. I’ve taken substantial hours to create information guides to prepare you for a successful session. I really do try to provide my clients with the latest and greatest. 


Another True Story

My promise to you is to offer you my very best. I intend to continue to give every client a unique experience, no matter what session it is. I want this memorable and something you can look at years from now and remember what one looked like at that very moment. That’s why we call our photography prices and “Investment”.