W E L C O M E.

Lindsey here.  Thank you SO much for checking things out! 

+ I am wife to Shane and mom to Haley, Alayna, and Kailyn. This is my top priority of all things...like most moms! We are a softball and volleyball family! 

+ My home studio is based in Chilton, Wisconsin serving clients from all over the Fox Valley, Green Bay, Fond Du Lac, Sheboygan, Plymouth, and Milwaukee. My home studio is where I photograph children and newborns year-round.  Once the weather gets nice in late spring and things are turning green, I get outside! I strictly photograph families, engagements, maternity, and seniors outdoors in natural light and organic settings during the seasonal months. 

 +Who's Violet Lace? Violet and Lacy were my maternal great-grandmothers. I relished in their historical-type names and wanted them my daughters, but my husband, unfortunately, did not. Therefore, I made it my business...my other baby! 

+ My photography story started back when I purchased a nicer camera in 2010 so I could get better pictures of my children. I have a BA in Health and Human Services. I started posting on Facebook and people started asking me to photograph their kiddos…then family, then weddings, etc…In 2013 I took the leap and quit my full-time job because I could not keep up with the business, family, and photography. 

+I photograph about 350 sessions a year. That includes weddings, children, family, maternity, engagement, seniors, business portraits, and sports teams. This is why I haven't taken new families and children since 2016 and have a waitlist. I really just want to focus on my current families and children. With weddings come newborns. With newborns come families. It's quality, not quantity and I hope my clients appreciate this. (If you're not a current client, please join the waitlist! If openings come about, I will be in touch with the first one who is available!)

+ I will never do a full family session indoors because they are staged, stuck in the same backdrops, and wayyyy tooo posed. I have an 1100 sqft studio space and I still will not offer these indoors. I will, of course, update a family picture with a child's session and definitely get those first family pictures with a newborn in the studio. I am a natural light photographer first. 

+ I think anyone like me who has a photojournalist style, we MUST have emotion in order to be creative. It is a reason we are attached to you. It is a reason I appreciate you and want to continue to follow your life milestones. You only get one person to write your life journal…and that is you of course. You should only need one person to photo document your journey….allow me to try!

Thank you for checking out my site and I look forward to hearing from you!