B O O K   Y O U R   C O N T R A C T   M E E T I N G

(Please only book this page if I've confirmed your wedding date is available for me to photograph.) 

Thank you so much for allowing me to be on this photographic journey with you! Choose a date that works for you to set up our contract meeting which takes place in my home studio. The $300 deposit and contract signing will hold your date. We will go over the contract, what you can expect out of me, and go over whatever you may have already planned towards your wedding. The meeting takes less than 30 minutes. 

Note: Its very common that this is our first time meeting. If I were a bride, I'd be concerned about feeling obligated to sign a contract after I realize I'm not certain anymore about my photographer. That said, I do always allow 24 hours to void your contract after our meeting. It's so important you have a good vibe with your photographer and are confident in who you choose. If you aren't sure of me anymore---NO hard feelings. Please get a hold of me within 24 hours after our meeting to void the contract.  Although no one has yet to take advantage of this, I do still always offer it. 


Just a note:You may see 10 openings on one day, but that does NOT mean that's how many I allow to book.  I have a set amount of sessions each day that is automatically figured, so once my limit is met, the day will become unavailable/full. (So don't wait!)



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