**Out of respect for my models, I have colored out some faces. Even if faces are showing, please do not share images. The sole purpose showing any images is for you to see my current work. Why would clients care who see them? It's not you they don't want to show---its their employers and/or co-workers, in laws, etc... 

Boudoir 2018


WELCOME!! Thank you for your interest in VLP's weekend Boudoir sessions! 




Dates: Friday & Saturday September 8th and 9th 

Location: Osthoff Resort, Elkart Lake WI

S E S S I O N   D E T A I L S  

VLP is reserving a weekend in a Lakeview Premier Suite at the Osthoff Resort

Price Includes

  • VLP will communicate with you as the date approaches to make sure you are prepared for the session with what to wear, ideas, styles, etc... 
  • Full Hair Style Makeover and Makeup done by experienced stylists for Boudoir Photography (right at the hotel)
  • 90 minute session in beautiful, high end hotel room 
  • VLP uses top of the line equipment and lighting
  • VLP will guide you through posing. You will have fun, feel sexy, and feel beautiful!
  • Beach Bonus: All girls will have the option to stay at the resort for the remainder of the evening (walk around, sit at the beach, sit at any of the bars inside or the tiki bar outside, eat some food, etc... Then, those who would like to join the 'beach' session is welcome to at no additional charge. We will have a private beach to get some bonus shots in the sand, beach grass, and in the water just before sunset. 
  • Boudoir Editing: VLP will cull through all images to remove any that do not turn out. From there, each client will choose their images via online. From here, Boudoir editing will begin. Each image can take 15 minutes to an hour. All images are edited to look natural. Lines and blemishes are smoothed.  
  • Password Protected gallery. Nobody can access this gallery without you giving the password. 
  • Flush Mount Signature Album (This is a GORGEOUS, high end album)
    • 20 pages 
    • 10x10 Linen or Hard Cover 
    • Prints are mounted flush to a 1/16" board, offering a solid feel and a high-end look (thick pages)
    • Custom Created by VLP 
    • Valued at $210 


Total Investment Price: $450  

Payments: You will be required to pay a non refundable $50 deposit when you book to guarantee your spot. In June, you will be sent an invoice to pay additional $100. A reminder will be sent in August for the final full payment paid by September 1st. 

Two People?

Would you like to do your session with someone else you know? (Not to pose with another person, but to take turns. They help each other, learn from each other, laugh a ton with each other.... 

Price: $400 per person (save $50), 2 hrs total. (the price is to cover the stylists, equipment, editing, etc..). 



I am NOT skinny at all/not in shape/too fat, etc... Oh honey, I've heard it all...even from size 2! Let's get personal. First, I'm not one to give advice on how you should feel considering I think about my weight issues every other minute--all day--all night (because I have real over weight issues). Look, I photograph all sizes of women. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that even girls who are a size 2 think they are fat. It's hard to be professional and not roll my eyes! What I wish more about myself was that I appreciated myself more back then. I don't think I've ever looked at a picture since I was 18 years old and thought I looked good. I have always thought I was fat. Now, I look back at those and WISH I loved ME then. There was nothing wrong with me. Love yourself now. This session is for you...and/or for someone who loves you for you! 

Can I just do my hair and makeup myself? At this point no. (If this were to change, I would reduce the price.) Hair and makeup is another bonus, fun part about this session! Make up does have to be done a certain way, including false eyelashes (also included in price). It's not too much make up though. It's more of an airbrushed, bridal look. Make up is required for this type of session

I have a couple tattoos I do not want in the pictures. Can you photoshop them? Actually, better yet---we can conceal them with makeup! It will be more natural than photoshop. 

What should I wear? I will get more information to you regarding attire with the form you fill out when you book your spot. 

What time will my hair and makeup appt. be at? I will confirm this as it gets closer, but as of now, you will need to arrive at least one hour prior to your session time for hair and makeup. 

Can I just pay the entire session now? You can. If you do have to cancel for any reason, you WILL be refunded all but the $50 deposit. 

How do I pay if I'm doing my session with another person? I will change that before I send you your next invoice. 

To reserve your spot, please follow the process below! 

If there is any reason you can't book, please let me know the concerns to see if I can accommodate you. 

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