Copyright Release/Print Release

 (excludes senior and large family sessions)

The quality of the images through my printing company are not only guaranteed and remarkable, they are affordable. Do you know some big name photographers? Me, too---they place your minimum order costing you $100s--or $1000s where 1)5x7 image costs you $40. With me, its only $4 with no minimum order and you place the orders on your terms with no one leaning over your shoulder. What's crazier.... the images all come from the SAME printing company! No lie. That said, I do prefer you to order through the site, especially on images over 8x10. Yet, I understand some clients prefer to just have the digital copies for digital scrap booking, ordering different greeting cards, or just storing them for their own backup. 

Does VLP offer a copyright or print release? Yes, I offer them in one legal document with terms and conditions deemed legal by the Federal Law of the United States. By purchasing the copyright/print release, you will be able to have the digital images so you may store and print the digital images where you'd like. You still can order prints and products from your gallery as well. You cannot edit them no matter what other than basic editing such as black and white and cropping them. Distorting an image in any way is not allowed. This includes filters from other social media and screen shots.

When do I have to purchase this? Clients can purchase this when they book their session, or the day of their session, or within 30 days of receiving their password to the gallery. They purchase it right through their gallery like they would any picture. There's no wrong way.

How do I retrieve this document? If you order it directly through the website under "Digital Products", the Copyright Release document will download with the link. If you purchase it when you book the day of your session, you will see the copyright in your gallery which you download with your images. 

Does VLP send me a disk? No. You download them directly from your personal gallery to your computer or flash drive. Instructions are included with the link to your gallery once they are complete. 

Do all sessions include the copyright release? No. Senior and Large family portraits do not include a copyright release.  The only way this is allowed is if an individual family of no more than 2 generations would like to have the digital images of just their immediate family. That would mean just you and your spouse and children. No other relation can be in the image-- such as you and your siblings or you and your parents.  How do I download just my family then? Send me an email letting me know you'd like to purchase this. I will copy all your images into your own gallery that allows you to purchase the digital gallery of your images. 


Click here for instructions on How to Purchase the Digital and Download Images