G R A D U A T I O N   I N V I T E S

It's that time!! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and making it to the HUGE milestone!! If you're interested in graduation announcements, please read the following information. 

Sample front of custom design created with Madison by Lindsey.
(NOTE: Client did not request a custom design card, request a
style, etc... No client is obligated to order this style.)  

Madison FrontMadison Front

How can I get graduation cards?
You have these THREE options. You'll need to choose one. 

Order directly through your senior’s gallery. With this, you have a few more size options but usually can only add one image in the card. (Being truthful, I've requested they get more templates many times! I really wish they had more options.) Most cards are $25 a set.

You can receive TWO (2) digital images and design/order from printing locations of your choice.
(You may not edit the images and they will only be sized for use on your cards.) Email or text me the image numbers. No charge.
VLP can custom design them for you. 

VLP’s Custom Design + 25 cards. $65; each additional set is $25 ($1 per card). 5x7, 2 sided, cardstock paper in different styles. Envelopes included. 

+ If you ordered a Salutatorian or Valedictorian package, your custom design is included in the price as well as 25 cards! 

What exactly is a custom design card? The card is designed just for your senior by VLP. I have tons of new and current brushes, fonts, thousands of different floral art, textures and designs, etc... 

Is there a deadline for custom cards? Yes. May 1st. I need TWO weeks to complete the design. I need time to add it to my workflow with other editing and card orders, design it, allow time for you to proof it, me to make additional changes, order, etc.. The sooner the better though as April is my month to work on grad cards. 

Do I get to decide on a template for custom design cards? Not really. I typically decide based on the images you select the backdrop/theme, etc… Remember, its completely custom. No one has a card like someone else. If you see any styles online that you’d like to share with me to give me an idea---please feel free. I will say this, I'm already very picky about fonts, colors, and placement of all it on a two-sided card, so I do need your trust to follow through with the design based off your image selections and responsed to the questions. 

What if I need to order additional cards in the future? No problem. Just let me know and I will order them. 

How much is shipping and how long does it take for them to arrive? The shipping is included in the custom design option. Once you approve of the final proof, I will send you the invoice and place the order for you. I place orders in before 10 am and they arrive on the following business day. 

I'd like a different size card? The only other size I will accommodate is a 4x6 postcard. The price is the same, but you will save money on stamps. I will create the backside of the card to include the grad information on the left and shipping info on the right--just like a postcard. I will also include your return address and address lines. Postage Stamps are $.35 for a postcard, $.55 for a regular stamp. No envelopes are included with the 4x6 size. 

Sample Front In Green with Lynzee                                                                   Sample  Back Side  in Green of Lynzee

Lynzee Sample FrontLynzee Sample Front Lynzee 2019 SampleLynzee 2019 Sample

White Version Front and Back


How do I order OPTION 1- The templates through my senior's gallery?

  • Click on your portfolio so you see all your images.   
  • Click on the image you'd like to add to your grad card > Click "Buy Selected" on the upper right. A new screen will open. 
  • On the left side under Category click "Graduation". This will show the graduation template styles offered by the printing company (Do not click on Custom Card options.) Choose your template. A new screen will open. 
  • Under the template of this new screen, click "Edit". A new screen will open. Click on the wording on the invite and change to what you need it to say. For some templates, you may be able to add an image or wording on the backside as well. 

How do I order OPTION 2- Choose 2 images sized for announcements?. 

  •   To use two images from your gallery to print elsewhere, email me or text  me the image files and I will email them to you (they will start with VLP_XXXX)

How do I order OPTION 3: Have you custom design a card? 
 To have VLP design a custom card for you, follow the instructions below.

Copy the section 1-14 (below) and paste it into an email to me ([email protected]). Put your replies behind each question. I will send you an invoice. (Remember, it's $65 for the first set of 25 cards. Every set after that is $25. Ex: You need 100 cards= $140. You can not split up a set. If you purchased one of the packages, then it would be $75.)

  1.        Name: (Full? First and Last? Or First, Last, Middle Initial?) TIP: Typically what is on the diploma, but there's no wrong way.
  2.        Is your senior a valedictorian or salutatorian? 
  3.        Include Commencement Ceremony date and time? (If so, please include date, time, and location).
  4.        Any introduction to invite? (Ex: "You are cordially invited to"; "Please join us to celebrate our son/daughter's
    hs graduation" , etc...)
  5.        Party/Celebration Date: 
  6.        Time: (ex: 3pm or  3pm-10pm  or  3pm-?   or 3pm-10pm. Dinner served at 5pm)  
  7.        Place: (Include address)
  8.        RSVP: By what date? {Typically 2 weeks prior} What Cell? And/or Email?
  9.        Any specific colors, details, wording you do or do not want to be included? (Ex: "I
    hate gold anything!" or "I prefer simple font vs handwritten", "I don't care how you design it, I trust you!","If you can incorporate the school colors red and white, that would be great!" (Lindsey's suggestion: Just make sure something in your image selections have the school colors so it doesn't clash.)
  10.       Would you like to include what your senior plans to do with her/his future? Ex: Jane will be attending UWMilwaukee this fall to pursue her degree in Nursing. 
  11.        Image choices: Please choose up to 6 images. If you only want one, just put the number you’d like (IMAGE NUMBERS should begin with "VLP-xxxx". I need the last numbers!  I do NOT always use all 6. It depends on how it all fits/looks. 
  12. Favorite picture #1
  13. Two more favs:
  14.  Another two favs:  


Natalie Zirbel FrontNatalie Zirbel Front                        Front Version of a sample design with Natalie. Rose Gold, waterbrush

Front  Sample                                                                                                                Back
Simple design. 


Nathan Kaplon frontNathan Kaplon front Nathan BackNathan Back   

















Jenna front sampleJenna front sample

Sample front side design with Jenna. Watercolor brush. Simple design. Backside would be full watercolor on the backdrop with the 4 colors blended.