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***Please check back here and/or Facebook for any updates on cancellations or changes***



What  To Expect During Your Session (from me)

Arrive Early

Be a little early, so you can get your coats off, fix hair, threaten your children, I'm totally kidding, tidy up outfits, etc... If you’re late, you are still required to pay the full session even though we’ve lost time. We are typically ahead of schedule for these, so if you’re early, we may even be able to start early. 


I have photographed most of you, so you know that I run my sessions around the children, I’m laid back,  and I WANT the kids to have some fun. I don’t force anything.

A 'typical' session will go something like this….

      •All sessions will have the same backdrop. No switching or moving the set up. 
      •There will be some props which will allow us to get a different look for posing (vs having the exact same angle and pose as if we were at Sears. lol.)


Children 's Mini Session  



      1-3 siblings ($10 additional)

      15 minutes

       5-10 edited images with print release

       Pose with siblings together and individually    

       Full body and head shots

Full detailed information below 


What’s NOT included with a mini session

Mini sessions are meant to serve a main purpose and goal: To get that professional, updated children’s picture at a discounted price. For me personally, it’s a way to fit in children that I couldn’t accommodate because the schedule filled up too fast on you or you don’t need a full session with all the extra images. 

           •No adults
           • Extended family members (grandma/grandpa, cousins, aunts, etc...)
  •        Infants not sitting up
  •        Crabby parents





Please email or text me if anything is incorrect. (You do not need to message me if you pay your balance online. I will see that.)
 Time Name
10 Amanda
10:15 Cassi
10:30 Susan
 10:45 Melissa
11:00 Tammy
11:15 Amy S
11:30 Melissa A
11:45  Lindsay
 12:00 Jennifer
12:15 Brittany
12:30 Jennifer
12:45 Casey
1:00 andrea

You do NOT need paypal to pay for your mini session. Just a debit or credit card. Full payment is due by Sunday Nov 27th at noon or the next person on the wait list will take your place. 

If for some reason you cannot make your session, children are sick, parent/s are sick, running late, etc... You WILL recieve a refund of all, but $25 deposit. If I'm able to fill your spot, the entire balance will be refunded except a $4 service fee. 












































What To Wear


These are suggestions to help your session be as great as possible.

Check out my Pinterest Page for outfits ideas for this session. Old Navy has lots of great colors and outfits right now!...and sales!



  • Make sure you have hair done on small girls that when they shake their head, you don’t have to fix it every time. Pin/tie hair back out of faces for small children with freeze spray to reduce the fly away’s.
  • I cannot Photoshop hair. Sorry, no exceptions. Its important to plan accordingly.
  • Boys: Don't be afraid to give your little boys the wet look with some hair gel! It's sooo cute for these types of sessions. Try it!


  •    No white, NO NEON or VIBRANT COLORS (ex: hot pink, neon orange or fluorescent green, lime green, deep pink, bright corals, etc…). The neon tones reflects onto your skin. Its very difficult to photograph and impossible to edit off everyone’s skin.
  •    SIMPLE attire. Old Navy has a ton of great sales right now that have great colors and styles. They have started their black friday sale if you have their card....50% off! I've pinned many items from Pinterest to give you ideas. Return it if you’re not going to wear it again! 
  •  Getting the right shoes can complete the look. TRY THEM ON YOUR CHILDREN!
  • Try them on!!--and see what it looks like when they're sitting, squatting, and kneeling. Dresses---do you see underwear? Are the pants so short that you see skin on their legs?
  •    Don’t leave any decisions to be made the day of the shoot.  Flustered isn’t a good look, so do everything you can beforehand to make things go smoothly.


Shoes & Socks

We WILL see socks and shoes. Make sure pants are long enough because they will be sitting and most images are at their eye level. NO white socks please.  No tennis shoes please. Shoes Matter!



This is in concerns of the glare (even on reflection proof glasses) and on self tinting glasses. Please remove your lenses for the session or bring an old pair of glasses that you feel are still in style or just take them off for the pictures. You don't need to see me, just see where I am. Your eye doctor will likely allow you to use just a pair of frames for a portrait session. I do not remove glares or Photoshop eyes. Sorry.





Common Questions

What if my kids won’t cooperate?

I will get whatever your children will let me get in the time allowed. If there’s super shy kiddos, then we end up with super shy pictures. I honestly need THREE minutes to get all my pictures you need, so if they warm up 12 minutes into the session...perfect! The price is not reduced because children are not interested, shy, or just plain sassy. (lol---I know, I shouldn’t laugh.) I’ve done many of these sessions now and image choices have never been limited.

Can I change my children when I get there?

Sure! Another option is to avoid giving children anything between home and to here.... you may want to just put a layer over an outfit if you’re worried about a baby spitting up.


How is 15 minutes going to be long enough?

There’s a few things that come into play in making this such a popular session. 1) Because we start at the exact time 2) You know exactly what to expect 3) We don’t move from spot to spot. We stay within the same area with the same backdrop. 4-10) You’ve likely threatened your children …with empty threats (I hope they are empty! lol) or you’ve bribed them with Scoops after! 11) I always say after I'm done with mini sessions "I need to do more of these! They are so convenient for parents!" 






Post Production---after your session


I will send out an email within 2 weeks to the links to your portraits. In that email will include all the information in viewing your personal gallery, downloading your pictures to your computer, and anything else that will be helpful. 


Hopefully this information has helped you thus far. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to do this for you and your family. If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to ask. This is supposed to be a fun session, so moms and dads should have fun with their children during this time and relax and enjoy their time with each other.

Please feel free to check out my session guides for more tips and ideas.