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A newborn session from the time you book your due date today .....all the way to viewing your final images is probably the most rewarding time of a mom's life when it comes to portraits. Why? The outcome of newborn images are almost like masterpieces or works of an art and will always be cherished. This is why I call it an 'investment'. You cannot put a value on these images. You're investing in images that you will have for generations. 



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I strive for a style that is organic, clean, simple, and maybe even a little couture. I reach to achieve images that will never be 'cheesy' when these babies are adults one day and pieces that anyone can display in any room. 











+ Once you have booked your due date below, you will receive a master copy of the detailed 40+ page Newborn Welcome Guide that tells you everything you need to know for your session. 



+ You can message me about baby’s arrival with 24 hours. I will schedule your newborn’s session anywhere from 3 days to 15 days old. I will give you updated information with your confirmation email. This information is for you to feel confident for a successful session and to ease your worries or concerns since you have enough on your mind with a brand new baby. 



+ I am going to send you an email after you’ve been able to sit down and relax, company has gone home, and you’re able to have a minute to yourself. This is going to be FILLED with tips and tricks to get the most out of our session to have a very deep-sleepy baby.



+  Lindsey uses at least one hour prior to your arrival to clean and sanitize the studio, set up, and get the heat up to 85+ degrees to keep baby comfortable and warm during posing. 

+ The studio is completely set up with baby supplies including diapers, wipes, blankets, pacifiers, lotions, burb rags, etc... Lindsey uses top-of-the-line posing equipment and supplies that are made specifically for newborn sessions to ensure baby is safe at all times.  

+ Access to HUNDREDS of Lindsey's props, hats, headbands, tie backs, wraps, blankets, genuine soft flokati rugs (sent in from Greece!), etc....



+ Up to 3 hours of photography and experience to handle your infant safely and keep baby comfortable at times. This time        allows for feeding, changing, and getting baby in sweet poses he’s willing to allow.

+ You will have full access to Wi-Fi, cable, and comfortable seating. There's plenty to keep siblings occupied. 

+ As many poses and images your newborn will allow. 

+ No extra charge for a family portrait or sibling portrait


THE END {Actually hope it’s the beginning of this journey. }

+ Your final image choices with fine art editing.

+ Personal viewing gallery with your own link and custom pages  for your convenience to view, order, and share with others.

+ Affordable portraits with no minimum purchase requirement or packages to choose from. You purchase what you need.

+ Optional Print Release to have the digital rights to all the images for an additional fee.




+ Additional 30-60 minutes $75 (No one has ever needed extra time since I've added this. ;) 

+ Print Release to all images $50


Portrait + Image Prices

                                       Violet Lace Photography, Newborn Photography (32)Violet Lace Photography, Newborn Photography (32)

Have more questions? No problem. Refer to this link to view common questions and comments: FAQ


What's next... How do you book your newborn session? Just book your due date! That will allow for me to estimate baby arriving somewhere within a couple weeks of your due date. 

Ready to book your due date? Great! Here you go! 


(If you decide to cancel for any reason, no problem. If you pay in full, you will be refunded all but the deposit as soon as you cancel. No one has every canceled. lol. I just want you to feel confident that you can make the payment in full now and be done with that part. Print release, you can do that now, the same day of the session, OR when you view your collection of images...or not at all of course.