I can’t tell you how many people have said to me “oh, you can just Photoshop that out, right?” Let me explain Photoshop. Besides the part of it being a pricey software that keeps changing every year 2) Those updates cost more money. 3) The updates need new training, which means more time. 4)The changes/edits are very time consuming. Not just to do the work, but 5) the process of using the program it slows up the computers—and is more time. Believe me, it’s amazing software! I could even make me a skinny woman! Sounds like I’m complaining, but that’s not the intention. Most don’t know what’s involved, so informing you might guide clients to prepare a little more for their session vs just assume it can be fixed with Photoshop. Make sense? To be clear, all your photos are touched up and edited to an extent.  Yet, if someone wants me to edit out something that could have been prevented, there will be a an additional fee depending on what this is.


Q & A


What items are not included in the session price?

All the suggestions mentioned throughout the session guide. Examples include: remove the orange reflections on people’s skin because someone wore a neon orange dress or top, change his white socks to black, clean up a wrinkled shirt, remove graphics from a shirt, clean up the skin on someone who did not wear foundation. 

Why would you charge extra for this?

Well, to be completely honest---I have children. I need them and they need me. It’s not fair to us that I am sitting at a computer taking all this extra time away from my family. It’s also not fair to the other people who prepared properly for their sessions to have to wait for me to finish another family 

How do you know if I want you to edit any pictures?

I won’t until you order them. First, you have to see the images I’ve completed in your gallery. Once you see all your images, you can decide if you want something further edited.

How do I let you know what I need edited and to which pictures?

You just order it through your gallery. Click on the picture>view all products>other products.  Hover over the options to decide what fix is best for you. Enter what you want to be done and add it to the cart.

On the contrary of what I stated about Photoshop, I LOVE making your Photoshop Fixes.

“What?! Now I'm confused! 

I really do love doing something I KNOW you want vs me doing every single image and understand. Let me back up. Before this additional fee was added—I could spend 10-14 hours editing a family session because someone had a wrinkled shirt. No charge and it was fixed on every single image, it put me all those hours—and days behind---and they didn’t need 20+ of them. Let’s not discuss my feelings living at my computer fixing picture after picture. With your order of a Photoshop fix, you are basically telling me that you LOVE this image and want to invest in it and your photographer’s time to do so by making some perfections to it. You value my time as well and I value yours. This order also gives up to 14 days to make the changes.