Print Release 


Please know your rights and limits regarding a Print Release...and know the Photographers, Violet Lace Photography

If any client chooses not to make a purchase through the website within 30 days, the gallery is automatically removed. To keep it active for at least one year, you MUST order a physical image within 30 days. In short, the galleries through VLP are not cloud storage for digital files. (If there's no need to view, share, order in the future, etc... then there should be no issue in the gallery being removed.)

1. What is a Print Release?

  1. The Print Release is a federal law created to protect the photographer's work. This is offered to certain sessions by Violet Lace Photography
  2. It allows you, the Client, to purchase the Print Release for one images, more than one image of your choice, or the Full Gallery Download.
  3. You may use this to print those digital files for personal use at home while preserving the rights of the Photographer, Violet Lace Photography.
  4. It is illegal to use any images (whether you're in the image or not) without the legal document releasing the rights to print the images.
  5. This can be purchased at ONE of the following--does not make a difference which one the Client chooses. 
    1. Books the session
    2. At the session
    3. After viewing the images in your personal gallery created by the Photographer, VLP

2. What Is Allowed/What Can I Do With A Print Release?

a. If you purchase an Individual Digital Image OR a selected amount of your choosing of the images, or a Full Digital Gallery Download, you may use that Print Release to print at other locations and store your digital files where you choose.

b. Legal document allowing unlimited printing wherever you choose 

c. Per contract, the Client, MUST give the credit to Violet Lace Photography, in order to post on any social media account. 

d. May use digital file for greeting cards, books, etc...

e. Digital file to keep forever.

3. What Can I NOT do with images with a Print Release?

a. You can not edit or distort any images. 

b. You cannot add any filters from any websites, software, or apps. 

c. You cannot transfer the Print Release to any other person. (Ex: grandma cannot print them.)

d. You may not put any image on social media without giving proper credit to Violet Lace Photography. This will help prevent other photographers from claiming images as their own. 

4. Limits.

a. With the purchase of the Print Release, Violet Lace Photography cannot offer assistance with images printed from other locations.

b. Walgreens, Shutterfly, and Walmart DO print differently than VLP's printing company. One prints darker, one prints more pixelated (too sharp), and another prints more contrast with an orange tint. They all have a gloss shine as well. None of them have a guarantee to back up their images. These images will be faded and have a loss of color by the time your baby graduates. 

c. All clients are given a password protected gallery to view, share, order, and/or download their images for THIRTY DAYS with no purchase.

c1. No Client is required to purchase anything.

c2. Any gallery that has not placed an order within 30 days will automatically be removed by default. Clients must order at least one item within 30 days of their email with their link and password being sent.

c3. Clients may choose to purchase just the Print Release (when they book the session, at the session, or when they view the images in their gallery.) If the Client does not want to purchase any images through their gallery within the 30 days, the images/gallery will automatically be removed. (Purchasing the Digital images does not count as an image product. It must be a physical image that is sent directly to you.) 

d. When a Print Release is purchased, the images are automatically removed the website and from the Photographers hard drives after 30 days. VLP is no longer liable for the Client's images.  

e. If the Client/s loses their digital files for any reason (it: damaged, cannot retrieve from your computer or Cloud, computer crashed, faulty flash drive, etc...), VLP is not responsible for replacing them. 

What do you mean a "physical image"?

An actual picture, like an 8x10, 5x7, a canvas, any wall art, etc... Anything that you may shipping for to be sent to your home. 

Why are the images removed if there is no purchase or if I only purchase the Print Release? 

VLP keeps the session prices and portrait prices as low as possible to keep the website open and be allowed to print with one of the best printing companies in the world. In the 2018 agreement with the website host and printing company (they are tied together), as of March 2018, if a new gallery is created with more images needing to be stored, the Client is required to make a physical product purchase to keep their gallery active for at least one year. The website host is not a storage Cloud. If the Client doesn't want to print images through the printing company, then there's no purpose to storing them for future use. The Client can choose their personal option to store their images. 

What is a Copyright Release?

This is not offered by Violet Lace Photography. The Copyright Release releases all rights from the Photographer, Violet Lace Photography to the client. This is not an option.