Common Q & A’s

Why can’t I wear glasses when I wear them all the time?

The biggest problem I’m having with glasses is the prescription sunglasses. Once they go dark, I can’t see you eyes. I can’t begin to express how many people said it would be fine even though I warned them. I got the common “good enough” and hated it after they saw the pictures. Another option for those who are okay taking off their glasses, you CAN wear your glasses up to when I’m ready to take the picture. You don’t need to see me. I need to see you. I will just tell you to remove them and hide them when I’m ready.

Why can’t we wear neon or vibrant colors?

Let’s say that the girls wore a deep, bright pink color. The girls will have pink necks, chins, and faces. Any personal sitting next to them, will have bright faces. It’s really difficult for photographers to control the reflection of bright colors.

Do you bring props?

Yes, but I encourage you to bring things that are meaningful and would make your session unique. A picnic, a blanket, a football, softball gear, etc… whatever!

My child has a bruise/scratch on her face and I do not want them in the images! Will you remove this?

Yes and no. It depends on the size, where its located, and how serious it is. If it’s a black and blue eye, I can’t fix that. To remove a bruise in every single image would be silly if you’re not going to use every single image.  If you’re in a large family session, we can’t reschedule it, but if you’re in a regular session, message me and I will decide what would be best. You can use cover up/foundation to try to hide as much as possible.

What if I’m not photogenic? I will guide you and work with you, but you really should research and practice. Research how other people look in their pictures and see how great they look when its natural and candid.  Look in the mirror and see what you do and don’t like. Just remember, I will never photograph you straight on. We angle something to flatter you.

What if my husband never smiles?

He wouldn’t be the first or the last.  If he doesn’t smile in person, then I won’t make him smile in the picture. If he smiles and laughs like most men do, he will be fine. He just needs to be educated about what smiling really means in pictures. Some feel awkward staring at a camera without having reason to smile. Some don’t like how they look in their images—when really it was the people taking the pictures. If he wants to look angry and unhappy in his pictures, then don’t smile. If he doesn’t like his teeth, he can smile without showing them. I don’t think I’ve ever had a session where I couldn’t crack a smile.

What can I do from my gallery?

You can view, share, print, and download (download is not available for large family sessions. No exceptions.  

What’s with the Print Release?

 I prefer to not release the copyright, but understand the need for digital use. The portrait prices are on the website and are super affordable. I truly care about the quality and guarantee of your prints and understand we all have budgets. I use the same printing company the big honchos use--except the prices are not inflated. Remind you, these are not Wal-Mart or Shutterfly quality. If you would like the prints released, an additional fee of $75 will allow you to do as you wish with your prints. The $75 allows you to download your gallery to your computer. Computer companies are not making them with CD drives much any more so I don’t offer disks. You can purchase this download through the website or you can purchase this right with your session fee. 

Large Family Sessions Q &A’s

What is a large family session?

A large family is typically 3  or 4 generations. There’s grandparents, their children and spouses, and their children. Sometimes there’s  even great-grandparents.


What is the difference between a large family and a regular family session?

Besides the amount of people being the biggest difference, the entire session revolves around the entire group from anywhere from 8-20 people vs just a family of 4 or 5 people. In a small family session, you’d get numerous family poses together, a whole bunch of individual pictures of the kids, and many candid shots. With a large family, there’s just too many people to allow all those pictures. The children would never last and they’d be miserable. The large family portrait is not as personal. I’m sharing my time with 8-20 people vs 4. We don’t break down pictures with the individual family posing just mom and kids or just dad and kids either. That’s more with the regular family session. The chart on the right is a run down of the main differences.  


Regular Family Session

Large Family

2 generations (Parents and children)

3-4 children (grandparents, parents, and grandkids

45-60 minutes

60-90 minutes

3-5 family poses

1 family pose of large family+ individual families

Multiple individual children photos

1-2 individual photo (+candids)

Multiple sibling poses

1 sibling pose

Option for print release

NO option for print release

What if my family doesn’t want their own family picture?

First, it doesn’t cost anymore. You’ve gotten this far, so why not update another one? No one is obligated to purchase anything, nor is their a minimum order to purchase. The reason I really try to push for it is for the parents sake of everything matching nicely. Mom can have a picture of each family on her wall and the colors are match. No matter who the other photographer was, the style of the portraits are going to be different as well. The memories won’t be shared as the entire family sees them on mom and dad’s wall. “Hey remember when….” You do not have to get the family picture taken though.

Can I leave after my family is done with their portion?

I’d prefer everyone stay for the entire session because of getting fun group shots at the end. These are more for the children.

Why can’t my family have the option to purchase the Print Release?

Seniors and Large family sessions are the only restriction of releasing the copyright. I can’t control where all these images are being printed. The main family picture shouldn’t be printed anywhere, but through my printing company. because of quality purposes. That’s the main reason. I do give the option for any individual family to purchase the print release for just their family members. No other person/child can be in the image. Sorry, no exceptions. You’d just email me for this request and I will then move the images to your own gallery that has the option to purchase the print release. Instructions are included with the purchase.