seniors 2018




All sessions include:

  • A 35+ detailed informational guide to prepare for a fun and successful session. This includes tips and suggestions on what to wear, how to prepare, colors to choose, do’s and don’ts, etc
  • You will receive personal service by only myself offering you the very best service I'm able
  • Final image choices are fine art edited. Portraits are of the highest quality, but very affordable. 
  • 95% of communication is via email and some texting. If this is not going to work for you, then I probably won’t be well suited for your senior’s photographer.
  • Traveling will be included in Chilton surrounding up to 10 miles to meet the student's style whether it be rustic, urban, wood, city, etc.... Small travel fee for other locations such as Sheboygan Falls, Fond Du Lac, Manitowoc, De Pere, Elkart Lake, Appleton, Neenah, and Kiel. 
  • BONUS: VLP will be staying in Niagara the first 2 weeks in July which is a senior favorite! This allows seniors to have their sessions done at various locations including huge bluffs that resemble mountains, waterfalls, apple orchards, and rustic buildings. This was a huge hit this year again, so we've added on a few more days. There is no travel fee for this. You travel the day of your session.   


Here's the Senior Product Catalog if you'd like to see portrait prices. This link is always available for you. 



Why VLP?

  • I want to stay affordable for all my clients based on MY work, not what others are doing. I don't try to trick you into 'cheap' sessions just for you to find out you have to purchase $1000+ worth of prints.
  • I use top-of-the-line cameras, lenses, lighting, etc.... 
  • I don't just give the digital rights away. These are senior portraits! The print prices are VERY affordable and the quality is from the top of the line printing company in the United States. 
  • I invest in over $1500 annual senior workshops each year to keep up-to-date with photography styles and techniques regarding posing, lighting, locations, preparing my seniors, and implementing new ideas! This in itself offers my seniors their own experience that --unintentionally--- allows me to not have to worry about any competition that may be.
  • I focus on my business with my clients, not others. I want my seniors to want me vs me having to try to lure anyone in.
  • I am ALL about QUALITY, not quantity. I take a select amount of seniors to make sure I can keep up and offer each senior their own unique, memorable experience for both parents and senior. 
  • No senior will come to a session misunderstood because my communication is HIGH! I am easy to work with, don't sugar coat anything---I want the best for you!, and I only offer my best! 
  • I'm personable. I'm tough and straight forward on paper, but very laid back in person. 



  Package A:  $100 

                                         This is perfect for the senior who just needs the basics. 

1 outfit
One location spot in the city of Chilton
20+ previews for your choosing


Package B  $250

This is for all seniors interested in the full senior portrait experience. 

The graduate gets an on-location photo shoot that lasts up 1.5-2 hours 
On location, outdoor
2-4 outfit changes (if time allows, we always do more)
60+ previews
Fine art editing, dedicating 20-25 hours to your senior portraits


Additional Items

There are no hidden fees. The purpose of any additional items is to keep it fair for all my seniors. Some seniors do not have sports and/or hobbies, so its not fair to charge them for something they don’t need.


Hobby/Sport  - 1 Hobby or Sport: $50   Each Additional $25 We encourage your senior to show off his or her passion; whether it be a sport, hobby, instrument, collection, etc... Senior is given an additional 30-45 minutes.   

Large Animal: $50 (What's considered a large animal?  If you can't pick it up.... it's large. This would include a barn or herd of animals.) 

Small Animal: $25 (What is considered a small animal? If you can pick it up, its small.)

Underwater: $100 This is geared for swimmers who want me in the water to get underwater images in a large pool. I have a waterproof case that allows me to go underwater. This could also be for an artsy portrait in a dress or even for a dancer. This session may likely have to be on a different date than your senior session since we need the pool to ourselves. Its doable in Chilton. Below is an action shot of a Chilton swimmer from last year. No photo manipulation was done other than color correcting and artist effects. IMO, this is worth every penny. ;)