Common Questions and Answers 
Senior Girl, Violet Lace Photography (17)Senior Girl, Violet Lace Photography (17) Senior Girl, Violet Lace Photography (3)Senior Girl, Violet Lace Photography (3) Senior Girl, Violet Lace Photography (13)Senior Girl, Violet Lace Photography (13)




  1. When do you start photographing senior sessions? First, I do not photograph seniors when they are still juniors. (I never understood that part. lol) Sessions are Monday-Friday beginning at 5:30pm starting in June, going through July. Niagara sessions are at the very end of June into the beginning of July. 
  2. Can I just have the printing rights? I used to do this, but stopped because I was promoting a session that you could have prints done at Walgreens or Shutterfly where you flimsy and square corner wallets that literally fade within 10 years. This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience and I want to offer my clients a full experience from the time they book their session to when they open their beautiful packaging to reach their prints. I'm not exaggerating when I tell my clients about the excellent quality products they receive---that I leave as cheap as possible to keep the website up. ;) It's perfectly fine if you'd rather print them at a box store, but VLP is just not the right fit. No hard feelings. 
  3. How can I share them on social media? All the images you choose will be processed and watermarked properly for you share as you wish. 
  4. What locations do you photograph at? Kiel, Sheboygan Falls, Manitowoc, De Pere, Fond Du Lac, Chilton, Appleton, and Menasha are the main town locations I go to. The location backdrops usually consist of all sorts of options including brick, rustic wood, water scene, stairs, grassy, fields, large doors, big pillar, old buildings, alleys, bridges, a cool road, and sunset.
  5. Can you photograph at my location/personal property? Absolutely!! When you schedule the actual session, this will be one of the questions I ask regarding your 
  6. Do you go choose locations or does the senior/parent? I always want to hear seniors' opinions. I never take seniors from the same school to the same locations. I decide based on what the outfit styles and colors the senior have chosen and how many times I’ve been to that town. 
  7. What if I want to do my session with another senior? These are THE BEST sessions! There are sooo many benefits to doing session with another! You can learn from each other, help each other out, no poses are the same, and I do not go back to that location. Follow the main page instructions to book these. 
  8. How do you communicate with parents/seniors? Email and text are 95% of our communication. If this is a concern AT ALL, VLP will likely not a good fit for your senior experience. This also means it is imperative that you will read all the information accurately and carefully. This is not information that should be skimmed as it is all for your benefit, created just for you to have the best experience. 
  9. Are these your current prices? Yes. The session prices reflect the time, talents in both photography and posing, travel, and equipment necessary to have the full experience.  My portrait prices reflect the time and software necessary for the post-production in editing, ordering, and packaging. (Yet, they have been the same for 10 years.) 
  10. What if I (parent especially) don’t get email or I don’t check my email? With polite intentions here, this will not be a good fit for you. It is imperative emails are checked regularly and responded to. 
  11. What if the weather is bad? We reschedule. Most of the time, it's not always obvious that we are canceling until a couple hours before. I do suggest scheduling hair and makeup appointment for the afternoon so you cancel it if need be. This is also in the session guide. ;) 
  12. What if I need to reschedule for any reason? I get it! I will try to get another senior to take your session date. 
  13. How will I know how to style my hair and pick outfits and colors that will looks best? All this is in the senior session guide. 

Thank you for our interest in VLP photographing this HUGE milestone!!  

If you still have further questions or concerns, please Email Me!