FAQ: Common Questions and Comments

I likely will not have my baby on my due date, so why do you schedule my due date for the newborn session? This helps me know your baby will be arriving a couple weeks before your due date up to maybe a week after. This is a session unlike any other. Every newborn is thought and thought to see what I can do different to make his or her session unique.

I'm due in "such and such" month. Just checking if you will be able to photograph my newborn at that time? I have yet to turn a newborn session away of someone who booked their due date. If you can see times available on the website to book, then I'm still taking new clients. Don't be fooled though because once I get to my limit of newborns for the month, all the dates shut down and are no longer visible. 

Why is a newborn session so expensive? 

There’s about 12-22 hours put into one newborn session. We begin with the time it takes to communicate with expecting moms, go over questions and schedule their session. There’s thought and process into making the session unique.
I commonly take time to create items just for your baby like a cloth banner backdrop, or make a small blanket.
All my hats and headbands are purchased from handmade stores or handmade by myself to try to save money. One outfit costs at least $35 for one little cute romper or pants and matching hat.  Most hats range  between $20-25 each.
I have over 70 backdrops to choose from, as well as various colors of pure flokati rugs that are $200 EACH, tons of blankets, etc
The session itself up to 3 hours, but the set up takes about an hour to sanitize all items I, you, or the baby would be in contact with.
The clean up process includes all the props and cloth items being washed. The post production editing can run up to 10 hours.
For the experience and quality, my price is the cheapest of anyone around.

Where you do photograph newborns? I have a children’s studio in my home in Chilton. 

Will you travel? No. I used to, but I'm just too busy to accommodate travel time and to try to pack up all the necessary items. 

Who can attend the session? If you have requested a family portrait with your new baby, then of course your spouse and children. I do highly suggest bringing two vehicles if dad and/or siblings don’t want to stay through the process. If daddy can’t make the session and you’d like to bring your mom  or someone else, please feel free.

How many poses do you do? There is no specific number, but I do have a workflow. I get as many as the baby as willing within the 2-3 hour time frame. On a rare occasion, there have been a couple sessions in my newborn career that I’ve only been able to get a couple pictures---total.  Baby was caught at an unhappy time. We do try to reschedule, but there is a fee of $85 for an additional shoot. Most of the time though, we get plenty and clients are excited when they leave.

My baby sleeps ALL the time. I even have to wake her to feed her, so we should be done in no time. Actually, I used to hear something like this with every single parent until I changed my workflow and a tips and tricks email I send out the night before the session. NO baby has EVER slept through an entire session. The session will take at least 2 hours. This is such a tedious process and a lot of things go on to safely and uniquely handle and pose your newborn. I only photograph babies sleeping, give or take a couple pictures. 

My baby doesn’t like to be naked. What do you do then? No baby at this age likes to be naked because there homes aren’t 85 degrees! My studio is set for 85+ degrees and the regulated space heater that warms just the area baby and I are in is regulated to keep baby warm, but turn off if it gets too warm. Babies will not like clothes at this temperature.

Do you offer a baby plan? No way. There’s a few reasons for this. 1) I have clients who had baby plans with other photographers, but were not happy with their pictures and/or the photographer. So either they waited til the baby plan was up and then let me begin or they just took a loss and left that photographer. As much as I want to continue to take your baby’s portraits through all his/her milestones, I NEVER want you to feel obligated to be “stuck” with me. 2) Most cannot afford that large payment up front. After all, you just had a baby.  3) I ALWAYS cut corners for repeat clients. It’s always different, but its always something. Sometimes it’s a discounted session, or a free download, a custom print collage, etc… It’s not only the monetary savings. It’s the personal aspect as well. It’s impossible to not have a soft spot for babies I photographed since they were newborns and offer them new items first.

Can I bring my own props? I almost always say “Absolutely”. I almost always encourage it. While these are your images, it’s still my work. My style doesn’t usually include the knitted animals like cows and turtles, but if its important to you, then its important to me. If I do any theme for a newborn session, I can only allow for one because of these can consume half the session and  limit our images because they aren’t a part of the workflow. (Hunting, fishing, fireman, etc…)

I will show you all the images I'd like done at my session. I'd love to see them! Just make sure they are my images and not another photographer's work. I don't look at other photographer's art and mimic it. Pinterest is great for so many reasons, but clients are tricked into thinking that we photographers can do all those poses in one session. Clients don't realize that those images are from all different sessions and almost always from different photographers. 

When can we see the images? You will be sent a link anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks after your session. Details will also be included about viewing your gallery and if there’s anything else needed from you for me to finalize the pictures.

What are the portrait prices for picture? Portrait Prices

What's the first step? Book your due date! Here's that link: Book My Due Date