C O M M O N  Q & A's



  1. Do you send the digital images on a disk? No. You download them to your computer or phone. 
  2. How can I view the images? You can VIEW them from any tablet, smartphone, and computer. Click on the link given in your email, enter the password, and your gallery will open. Share with whomever you'd like. No one can see the images unless you release the password.  
  3. Do I need to register for an account to view the pictures? There are more conveniences in having an account. If you place anything in the cart and walk away, it disappears within 24hrs. If you register, you have 30 days. You can also take advantage of the Favorites feature if you register. There’s NO junk mail sent if you register. I ONLY send information if I see the shipping is finally free for a limited time OR if I’m running a special on sessions.
  4. How do I download the images? In short, click on your link. All the images should show up. ON the upper left of your computer screen, click “Select All”. A small download icon should drop down. Click that download button. A small box opens up. Click on the name of your gallery and download immediately. For those who are like me and are a visual learner---Click on this link to help you! HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR IMAGES
  5. Can I download them on my phone? Yes. You will need to download the Photo Moments App.
  6. Can you explain more about the Print Release? Yes, I sure can! PRINT RELEASE
  7. Since the Print Release is included with the session price, do I still have to order a physical image to keep the gallery active for the next year or longer? Yes. The digital images are through me, not my printing company. The printing company is requiring a purchase to keep the image gallery active. 
  8. Uh oh, I lost the email you sent-accidentally deleted the email, my computer crashed, etc... I don't have the password anymore. Accidents happen. I get it. Unfortunately, I do not have access to retrieve passwords after 30 days.  
  9. What happens if I don't order within the 30 days? The gallery will go inactive and automatically be removed. 
  10. What if I need it extended for a couple more days? Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about this. 
  11. What happens once I order within those 30 days? Your gallery is active for the following 1 year. The images will be on the website for 365 days. After 30 days, the images are automatically removed my hard drive to make room for more.  
  12. Can I put any on Facebook? If I haven't yet, shoot me a message and I will! Sometimes I'm not able to tag clients of the image/s I put on Facebook. It's either because you have not liked my page (fb requirement, not mine)) or you have privacy settings secured. Feel free to tag yourself if I wasn't able to. You do not have to though. If you do put any on social media, be sure to tag Violet Lace Photography.
  13. Will there be a watermark when I purchase or download the images? The watermark (my logo) on all the portraits will not be on your orders/prints/downloads. 
  14. Do you mind if I take a screenshot of my pictures? No screenshots. Ever. Please
  15. What is the Favorites Cart? My FAVORITE feature to keep my images organized and what I want to share with family and ones I do not, which ones I need to order, etc... (Just make sure you register so you don't lose the items in your Fav's cart or Shopping cart if you walk away from your screen.) 
  16. Can my mom order from the gallery? Absolutely. Do not feel you have to order for everyone. The only part that I REALLY wish would change is the shipping price.
  17. I'd like to see a couple of black and white. Any pictures you’d like to see in black and white can be viewed if you add it to the cart. I think candid portraits are great black and white prints or certain smiles and expressions. If I think a picture will look great black and white, I will add it right away. 
  18. Can you zoom in/crop a picture for me? Many pictures are set back farther to prevent parts of the image from getting cut off during print.  I would love to crop the pictures more, but then I risk you ordering and parts of the picture getting cut off. Please know how your image is displayed is NOT how it must be printed. Please crop and zoom them the way you'd like. Ordering from the website: Once you add it to the cart, a new screen will open. Click "preview and configure". Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be able to zoom and/or crop the picture just the way you'd like it. 
  19. How do I order? You can order on your own terms within 29 days directly through your gallery. Click on any image you'd like to order and choose the product and size you'd like. You really just need to get used to it and it will be super easy within no time. Warning: if you don't have an account, you will lose what's in your cart if you don't order right away. Not fun when you have many items in the cart and have to walk away from the order. 
  20. I had all my items in the cart, but they disappeared! Set up an account FIRST. You can leave items in your cart for up to 29 days without losing them. You will have more features having an account than not. I don't send junk mail!... I promise! 
  21. Do you see my ordering information and credit card info? Your orders are private and completely secure. I can see what is ordered, but cannot see the way you paid. I only look into orders if someone requests me to. I do suggest opening an account to save time if you ever come back or need to re-order. If you start an order and are not able to finish, you will have to start over if you aren't registered. If you're registered, you will have 30 days to complete an unfinished order.  
  22. Can I order greeting cards from you? There are greeting cards for all occasions on the website as well if you'd like to purchase for now or future use.  If you'd like a custom card made by VLP, you need to order that through "other" in greeting cards.