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Class of  2020 | Senior Portrait Sign-Up


Interested in Violet Lace Photography photographing your senior portraits for the class of 2020? Sweet.... You're in the right spot! 


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Thank you for our interest in VLP photographing this HUGE milestone!! VLP does NOT want to turn away repeat clients, close family or friends. To allow enough time for everyone to have the chance to get in, VLP created this 'system' to allow seniors to at least be able to sign up during part of their junior year. Then in January, they will be sent a courtesy email with a 7-day notice to the exact date and time the registration will open. Why is that relevant? Because when the official registration email is sent, it is sent to EVERYONE at the same time. VLP does NOT self-select her seniors. This is a first-come, first-serve. The first 30 seniors to reserve their session in January is guaranteed their spot. A $50 deposit will be required at that time. 

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What am I signing up for today? ONLY those who sign up here will be given a courtesy email in January of 2019 to get on the official registration list. I will be over my limit by January, so this is a first come first serve on reserving your spot. The link you receive is not given to the public. Only to those signed up here.  

Does this guarantee me a spot with you? No. This means you can certainly change your mind as well.

Why can’t I just register now? Unfortunately, many parents/seniors do not realize how early you need to book with VLP. Believe me, I send texts, emails, and posts on Facebook and they still miss it. I do not want to turn away my repeat clients---and in most cases, I won’t unless its after the New Year. If I don’t do it this way, I will be full by the time school starts which means my repeat clients, close family and friends, etc… will not get the chance….and I want to photograph this milestone for them, too!

What does the email in January discuss?The prices will be up to date, everything you need to know about joining VLP's senior session journey, and what the official date will be for scheduling your actual session date. If you're still interested after receiving that email, you will be able to reserve your official spot for $50 deposit at that time.

Do you take as many seniors that book or do you limit your seniors? I absolutely limit my seniors. I am not about quantity, but rather quality. I do have many other sessions, but June and July evenings is dedicated to senior sessions.

When will I book the actual session then? In April. By then, most know their schedules and/or have enough time to make arrangements with work. You will be given a courtesy email a week prior to let you know the exact time and date you can schedule your session.

When do you start photographing senior sessions? First, I do not photograph seniors when they are still juniors. (I never understood that part. lol) Sessions are Monday-Friday beginning at 5:30 starting in June.

What locations do you photograph at? Locations vary from Kiel, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, DePere, Fond Du Lac, Chilton, Appleton, and others.

Do you go choose locations or does the senior/parent? I let seniors choose unless they'd rather choose for me. If I do choose for the senior, I decide based on what the outfit styles and colors are.

Do you travel to our property? Absolutely.

How do you communicate with parents/seniors? Email and text is 95% of our communication. If this is a concern AT ALL, VLP will likely not a good fit for your senior experience. The last couple years, it's been a learning lesson that with my hours being 12-16 hour days, finding times to call and meet during the summer are next-to-impossible at times. I am a one-person team. Not saying I can't take a phone call. It's just a matter of catching me when I'm not in session, at a softball game, or with my family.

Are these your current prices? Yes, but they will likely change at some point before the actual booking sessions begin. You will be updated with your courtesy email next January.
What if I don’t get the email or I don’t check my email? Then this will likely not be a good fit for you



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